The Flexture is a simple and playful piece of furniture that can be used for lectures, brainstorm sessions or presentations, but can easily be changed to a workspace.


The Flexture consists of various elements; 4 single boxes, 4 double boxes and a tabletop. Assembled as desk, it offers space for four people to work or socialise. But when transformed to lecture or brainstorm set-up, twelve people can be seated. The elements can be combined to create different configurations, such as a linear or circular set-up. The elements are designed to fit into each other like a puzzle, and the boxes offer additional storage space.


The elements can be made of different materials, but striving to be as sustainable as possible, we suggest ECOboard. ECOboard is a panel made from agricultural residues bound together with the natural lignine of the cellulose fibers, thus completely biodegradable. The cushioning can be created with waste textiles, offering extra comfort.


The Flexture is easy to use and transform and would fit in various spaces, such as offices, schools or musea.