Hello Wood


Veerle participated in Hello Wood’s Project Village in the summer of 2016, where students and architects from over 30 countries constructed a “village” of 14 wooden structures. Founded in 2010 as an art camp for students in architecture, art and design disciplines, Hello Wood has since grown into an award-winning summer school program focused on creating design through collaborative methods and bringing together the principles of architecture, art, innovation and social impact. The Project Village, conceived just last year, pushes these ideals to their limit by challenging students, teachers and designers to work together to create a new architecture of community at Hello Wood’s rural campus in Csoromfolde, Hungary.


As part of team ‘Amazing Amassing’ lead by Christian Dascek and Julia Wildeis of solidOperations, the aim was to create a modular tool for flexible usage on the festival site, thereby encouraging various spatial arrangements to support diverging social scenarios. The solution were three similar, but in scale and details differentiated types of interlocking furniture of which 103 pieces were produced during the workshop. The three elements consist of a stool, a sawhorse and a third stool, which can be combined with one of the other elements to create a higher tableleg or a seat with a chair-back. The elements can also be used to create bigger structures by interlocking several of them at once. A colourful patter gives them a level of cohesiveness, while making each single piece itself more individual.


Team: Julia Wildeis, Christian Daschek with Jákob Czinger, László Tamás, Maria Elena Ferraresi, Natascha Fakler, Sam van Hooff, Sonya Falkovskaia, Veerle Rigter. Photos by Christian Daschek, Gábor Somoskői and László Tamás


For more information visit hellowood.eu and solidoperations.eu/