Flexi – Lex


The Flexi-Lex is a multifunctional furniture design, consisting of a simple structural system and (at least) two tabletops. The tabletops can be arranged within the structure in different ways, facilitating various functions. It can be used as a desk or table, but also as bar, bench, shelving or even as podium or display element. The Flexi-Lex can be executed in a big (90 cm wide) or small (45 cm wide) variation, in which additional options can be included such as lockers, planter boxes or a coat rack. Due to its modularity and wheels underneath it is easy to change configurations.
The structure of timber is joined in such a way that it provides stability as well as beauty, while incorporating a fix-by-form method to place the tabletops and detachable wheels in. This way, no additional elements are needed to create configurations.
No need to buy all kinds of furniture, with the Flexi- Lex you will be able to create every piece you need. The Flexi-Lex can be adopted to any use and is therefore very suitable as flexible element in offices or stores, but also galleries, cafes, musea or libraries for instance. Due to its multifunctionality it makes optimal use of what is available, to foster its various users.