Roxanne joined a collaboration of 19 students from different interior architecture universities from Belgium and the Netherlands. We came together in Kortrijk to work with the theme ‘Beauty, Scarcity and Community.’ As a community we came up with the idea to give a last honor to the building on Vlaskaai 1. We are looking for beauty in its details, materials and spaces by rewarding them in our own artistic way. Scarcity was embraced by only using materials as found.
A shed on Vlaskaai 1 in Kortrijk, which is condemned to demolition forms the framework and the site of this exercise. The spatial and public installation has been conceived and built before and during the Biennale. As the shed was about to be demolished shortly after the exposition, students could work destructively or in an explorative way, searching for materials that could be used for the installation. The theme reflecting the character of this specific location was set as the search for the potential/memory of a place and the role of performativity within interior architecture on scale 1:1.
We invite you to discover and see the beauty of the scars left behind by the building at the Vlaskaai. Of this process and project a publication was made containing the photographs exhibited at the Biennale Interior Kortrijk 2016.