In the summer of 2015 Studio Davero joined the ‘sustainable incubator’ called DORP at Welcome To The Village Festival. DORP is a project in which numerous partners collaborate to investigate ways to build future editions of Welcome To The Village (WTTV) Festival on fair and sustainable principles, which when successful can be applied to real villages. Even before the festival has begun, artists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, professionals and the public work on finding sustainable solutions for the different challenges faced.


In the quest to find a more sustainable alternative for the camping tent, Nest was developed by an interdisciplinary team, lead by Alex van de Beld (ALB Surroundings). Nest is an art installation that offers an alternative place to sleep or rest within nature. The artwork consists of 6 meter long wooden beams that form a nest in the woods, using the existing trees as columns to form an architectural and cultural structure that coexists in close harmony with nature. After the festival, the structure can be taken away without leaving a trace to its natural location. It provides a place to come to rest, to relax, to meet others and join conversations or can even be used as alternative stage. Festival visitors are invited to discover this hidden oasis and to explore the structure and its possibilities.
With a group of DORP-members from different fields we worked on the design & construction of Nest, as well as the lighting plan and designed hammocks from waste material available.
(Photos by David Koster)