DORP is the interdisciplinary sustainable innovation lab ten days prior to Welcome to The Village Festival. It is a place of experience where concepts and experiments follow each other rapidly, with loads of interaction between multiple disciplines, varying from entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and students from every course you can think of. At DORP, the festival’s infrastructure and her visitors are used to develop and field test sustainable innovations, so we can speed up the transition towards a circulair economy.


Studio Davero has been part of multiple editions of DORP, including the development of project Puzzle Peace, in first and second phase. As a design studio we aim to trigger a different way of thinking; start with reflecting and add value through design by a social, creative and optimized use of space, time and material. We want to inspire others by designing together and give them a playful insight of our design principles.


During DORP 2017 the challenge we put forward was: “Can one multifunctional design solution foster the various furniture needs of a festival?” This first phase, from idea to prototype resulted in project Puzzle Peace, a smart and playful design system to foster and responds to the temporary furniture needs of her users. After its product development over the year we put forward our new challenge: “How do you launch a circular product in a sustainable way?” This resulted in a workshop focused on developing a sustainable business and marketing strategy for the DORP 2018 edition.

More information on Dorp and Welcome To The Village Festival can be found here.

Team members over the years: Bart Rodermans, Bella Suwarso, Ben Dechesne, Florine Bekkering, Jozien Ripping, Leo Burger, Quirine Henry, Sabine Noordzij, Sarah de Bruin, Vera van Maaren.