Selected to be part of a design and build workshop organised by Camposaz, an installation for The May Events festival at Art Centre Vooruit in Ghent was realised together with an international team.


During the festival our temporary community of architects, designers and carpenters designed, worked and lived together for ten days. The aim of the installation was to transform the Vooruit café into an active space of confrontation for the festival, emphasizing its role of collective and interactive space. The installation, constructed with modular wooden elements, is designed in a multifunctional way to accommodate informal conversations over coffe or dinner, lunch lectures, conferences and debates, as well as becoming a backdrop for the artists’ performances and DJ’s at night. Due to its different scales and cladding, a playful landscape can easily be created to provide in the planned or unplanned activities.


Camposaz in an initiative organising workshops aiming at designing and self-building architectural objects for space reactivation and landscape enhancement. It is targeted to young architects, designers and carpenters, selected by Camposaz collective, for the purpose of gathering in a temporary group the processes of design and self- construction. The aim of the initiative is to condense in a unique experience immaterial and material aspects of the constructions process, enhancing the entire creative process. Knowledge sharing and adaptability are key factors, as well as the intention to develop a sort of “instinctive architecture” with no prejudices and with a lot of collaborative improvisation.


– May 2018 –


(Photos by Elis Ollero)