The Mix & Match Lounge


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The Mix & Match Lounge is a unique sustainable and interactive piece of festival furniture designed to be flexible, versatile and easy to use! The idea of the Mix & Match Lounge originated from the drive to enhance sustainable awareness amongst visitors of a travelling festival pavilion. The unique feature of this festival furniture is that it doesn’t have to be packed and unpacked in separate transport boxes – the transport is included in the design itself. The plug in ‘add-ons’ can be arranged to establish comfort and interaction.


Smart design and reuse are key in this product. The boxes are made of sustainable and natural ECOBOARD, a panel made from agricultural residues bond together with the natural lignine of the cellulose fibers. All ‘add-ons’ are made from discarded materials such as old chairs, rugs and pil- lows. Back supports that originate from old chairs are equipped with a uniform plug-in system that fits into the holes on the top side of the boxes, creating comfortable seats. Smart design solutions make it possible to adapt the boxes to foster various needs, for transport and lounging, but also as bar, bench, tribune, stage or stand. Due to the grid holes in the boxes many (additional) elements can be plugged in, like banners, signs, balustrades or even a sun canopy. Users are free to arrange all components as they wish to create a comfortable, personal and playful object.


The Mix & Match Lounge has travelled various events and festivals. Would you like to rent the Mix & Match Lounge for your event? Do contact us for more information.